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    How do you clean a non-woven bag?

    Time: 2022-01-06 Source: Non Woven Bag Wholesale Author: Julie
    Many people believe that non-woven handbags cannot be washed. In fact, this idea is not correct, because the characteristic of non-woven handbags is that they can be reused. In order to make the best use of their characteristics, many people use non-woven handbags, but the bags are dirty. If it is not damaged, just wash it and dry it before use. In fact, only in this way can a non-woven handbag be called a real bag. Therefore, Inheritance Packaging will explain to you how to properly clean non-woven handbags.

    The color of non-woven handbags is colorful, and many bags need to be cleaned and reused after being soiled. In the cleaning process, in order to prevent the non-woven handbags from fading, we should not use them when choosing detergents. Detergents containing bleaching or fluorescent agents. I believe everyone knows that washing powder or liquid detergent with fluorescent or white powder can make clothes fade when washing clothes. If such washing products are used on non-woven handbags, the same result will be achieved.

    In the process of using non-woven handbags, a lot of stains stick to it. If it is not the kind of oily or stubborn stains, it is recommended not to use detergents to clean the non-woven bag to avoid shortening the service life of the non-woven bag after cleaning.

    In the process of cleaning, please do not use high temperature hot water to clean. Because non-woven fabrics are finished products that are assembled into a net by wire mesh, a curing agent is added during production and cannot be washed at high temperature. Therefore, in the cleaning process, try to use cold water to clean, and at the same time do not expose to the sun to dry, it is recommended to dry in the shade.

    If the non-woven bag is cleaned, in order to prevent it from fading, you can add some salt and white vinegar to the cleaned water, and then soak the bag in the water for about 30 minutes before cleaning. Do not rub it during the cleaning process to avoid Excessive force damages the non-woven bag.

    How about it? Is the cleaning of non-woven handbags so particular? The non-woven tote bag can be reused again after cleaning, which is environmentally friendly and healthy!

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